IBBA Methane emission workshop

September 4th in Kiel Germany

Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 37

Every year IBBA arrange a workshop within a specific topic in the biogas field. The purpose of the workshop is to create networking between researchers within the same field in the batic region. The topic of the workshop this year is methane emissions. The workshop is arranged in the beginning of September in Germany close to Kiel by Kiel University and Schleswig-Holstein Centre of Biomass in cooperation with DBFZ, Institute for Biogas and SGC.

The biogas technology pursues the objective to produce methane as a renewable energy source. but it also has a strong effect on the climate change due to its global warming potential of 25. In this regard, the reliable measurement of stationary and diffuse emission sources are important. In the past years, numerous efforts were made to estimate methane emissions from biogas plants. It is however important that results from different countries are comparable to be able to combine the data from the different countries and give a European description of the situation. This is why the second IBBA workshop will be focused on methane emissions from biogas plants.