Regional seminars on green gas development - challenges and opportunities

Alla presentationer hålls på svenska!

During February and March 2015 Energiforsk will conduct a road show of regional seminars presenting the state-of-the-art in gas technology in order to stimulate a discussion on the challenges and possibilites of green gas (renewable energygases such as biogas) R&D in Sweden. This is done on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency aiming to bring industrial, academic and official stakeholders together to stimulate new research ideas and projects to be formed. In addition to presenting the main challenges for the development of the green gas industry, we will also inform about the funding opportunities provided by Samverkansprogram Energigasteknik. The seminars will be held in Luleå (150202), Stockholm (150203), Sundsvall (150204),  Halmstad (150209), Göteborg (150226), Linköping (150227) and Kalmar (150306).