GasAkademins sommarinternat

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Under the name of GasAkademin the gas industry and the academia in Sweden co-operate on a week-long summer school on the manufacture, transport and utilisation of energygas. The aim is to provide a broad system understanding and to provide plenty of opportunities for interaction between industry and academy. Two technical visits are included. The cost for the school including lectures, food and accomodation is 4000 SEK for full fee and 2000 SEK for reduced price.

The summer school is aimed for PhD students at Swedish universites as well as for you who work as an engineer in the industry in Sweden and has a Master's education as a background. 

As a PhD student you could count the summer school as a part of your education after agreement with your supervisor. 

The GasAkademin summer school is arranged by Energiforsk - Swedish Energy Research (successor to the Swedish Gas Technology Centre - SGC), which is a national coordinator of R&D for the energy sector. The summer school is sponsored economically by a handful of gas companies as well as by a number of academias. PhD students and/or employees from these sponsoring organisations are allowed to participate for the reduced price. For all others full price apply.

The parties behind the GasAkademin summer school are dedicated to organise it annualy during the years  2013-2016. 2014 will be the second year the summer school is organised.

The name GasAkademin has previously been used for SGC to denote a series of handbooks (in Swedish language) on energygases. Many of these are still available through our website.