IBBA Workshop 2015

Pretreatment of lignocellulosic substrates for biogas production
September 10th in Malmö Sweden

Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 37.

Thank you to everyone participating in this year's event for making it such a great success! 55 participants from 8 different countries is a new record for this third event in the IBBA Workshop series.


All presentations and abstract are available for download in the Program section! Also, here's a link to a pdf of the program leaflet including a participant list!

Every year IBBA organize a workshop within a specific topic in the biogas field. The purpose of the workshop is to create a network between researchers within the same field in the baltic region. The workshop topic of this year is pretreatment of lignocellulosic substrates for biogas production. The workshop will take place the 10th of September in Sweden close to Malmö, and less than an hour's journey from Copenhagen international airport. Swedish Gas Technology Centre (SGC) is organizing the event in cooperation with Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ) and Institute for Biogas, Waste Management & Energy (Germany).

Straw and other lignocellulosic substrates constitutes a large part of the European biogas potential. These substrates are difficult to digest without a suitable pretreatment method that increase the methane yield and decrease the required retention time in the digester. In the IBBA workshop 2015, the latest development in this field will be presented by speakers from various European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

150910: 55 registered participants from academy and industry, representing Sweden(32), Denmark(8), Germany(8), Poland(3), Austria(1), The Netherlands(1), Finland(1) and Norway(1)!
150909: Thank you to the 21 participants making the welcome reception such an enjoyable evening and great networking opportunity!
150831: More than 50 registered! Registration extended to Friday 4th of Sep!
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150824: 46 registered participants from academy and industry, representing Sweden(26), Denmark(7), Germany(8), Poland(3), Austria(1) and The Netherlands(1)!
150818: Speeddating registration is now closed, 35 participants signed up!
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