About IBBA

IBBA is an information exchange service for increased cooperation of biogas actors in the baltic area. Read about our activities below and find out how IBBA can help you.

Annual workshop!
Every year IBBA organize a workshop within a specific topic in the biogas field. The purpose of the workhopa is to create networking between researchers within the same field in the baltic region. Topics of the last two workshops was digestate treatment and methane emissions, and this year lignocellulosic substrates. The workshop is taking place in the beginning of September every year, alternating between Germany and Sweden.

Previous workshops
IBBA Workshop 2013, Höör, Sweden
IBBA Workshop 2014, Kiel, Germany 

Information exchange service through LinkedIn!

The IBBA platform offers participating institutions and companies the possibility to distribute non-commercial information of mutual interest in co-operation with IEA Bioenergy Task 37. Task 37 and IBBA has a joint LinkedIn group which may be used to distribute e.g. requests for:

  • a technology that is missing for a specific project
  • a method for a specific task
  • a partner for an envisaged national or international project
  • a speaker for a workshop

or information on:

  • an interesting project report
  • a proposal for a joint industrial bilateral co-operation
  • a conference

Just find our LinkedIn group and join. You find the group here.