ÄNGAVALLENS GÅRD - 10 min from Malmö
Norra Håslöv
Ängavallens väg
SE - 235 91 VELLINGE

Tel +46 40-42 32 50

Hotel booking
You can book your hotel room at Ängavallen by
Or call: +46 (0)706 723211
Use booking code: IBBA

There is a limited number of rooms on-site, so please indicate if you are able to share a room with a colleague or other participant of the same gender. You will save money, and more people will be able to stay on-site. There are still rooms available, but they are not reserved for the conference. If and then additional rooms are needed, Ängavallen conference will organize this at hotels off-site, at the same price and including transfer service between the conference site and the off-site hotel.

One guest per room: 1141 SEK/person (excl. VAT)
Two guests per room: 810 SEK/person (excl. VAT)
Lower prices can be offered if you are three or four persons per room. 

How to get there?
A Map can be found here 

With car
Ängavallen is located just south of Vellinge between Malmö and Trelleborg on E6/E22. Take exit #6 Håslöv E6. When you exit the highway, drive west and then the first exit to the right. 

From Copenhagen airport or Malmö
Take the train from Copenhagen airport in the direction of Malmö. Travel one station to Malmö/Hyllie. If you come from Malmö, the simplest is to take the train from Malmö C to Malmö Hyllie, via the station Triangeln. From Malmö Hyllie you can take the bus or a taxi to Ängavallen.

With bus from Hyllie
Take the regional bus 346 from Hyllie in the direction Trelleborg. Map over Hyllie station (346 stops at D). Travel with the bus to the bus stop called Håslöv E6. From there you have a short walk to Ängavallen. The timetable for the bus can be found here. You can also use Google maps itinerary function to find your best fit with your arrival at CPH (link to the Swedish version with an example itinerary).

Ticket purchase
It is possible to pay by credit card for the train in vending machines at CPH, and it is possible to choose buy a ticket including the bus to Håslöv E6, if you choose the smaller red machines situated in the middle of the waiting hall outside the train exit. The ticket to Malmö Hyllie will cost you 105 SEK, while including the bus ride will give a ticket price of 135 SEK. You may opt to buy a return ticket at CPH, but only if you return within 24 hours. It is possible to buy tickets onboard the bus as well, but only by credit card. Downloading the Skånetrafiken app will facilitate your ticket purchase. Android (Google Play) iPhone (App Store). Language will automatically be set to English if your phone language is not Swedish.

With Taxi from Hyllie
Take a taxi outside the station or call
Taxi Skåne: +46 (0)46 330 330
Taxi Kurir: +46 (0)40 70 000 
Taxi 23: +46 (0)40 232323 (cheaper)
Taxi 97: +46 (0)40 979797 (cheaper)
Time to drive to Ängavallen from Hyllie: 15 min
Distance to Ängavallen from Hyllie: 18 km
Expected price for the Taxi: 200-300 SEK

Hotel rooms are reserved up to August 10th. After that rooms may of course still be available, but cannot anymore be guaranteed for workshop participants.